Prodigy X Alchemist: Albert Einstein Deluxe Edition

The seminal rap record gets reissued on BitTorrent. Listen up.

Prodigy and Alchemist’s 2013 record, Albert Einstein, marked an undeniable return to form for the rapper after a six-year break: a vivid, darkly cinematic pulp masterpiece. Fast on the heels of his 3-part RIP series, downloaded by more than 1.5MM fans, Prodigy’s reissuing the deluxe edition of Albert Einstein as a BitTorrent Bundle. Cop the download to unlock the deluxe edition of the album, featuring 20 tracks, 3 music videos, an excerpt of HNIC, and more.


Prodigy X Alchemist: Albert Einstein Deluxe Edition


Instant Download / Stream

01 Intro (MP3)

02 IMDKV (MP3)

03 Give Em Hell (MP3)

04 Stay Dope (MP3)

05 Curb Ya Dob (MP3)

06 Death Sentence feat. Roc Marciano (MP3)

07 Beat Meat (MP3)

08 Y.N.T. feat. Domo Genesis (MP3)

09 R.I.P. feat. Havoc & Raekwon (MP3)

10 Dough Pildin (MP3)

11 Confessions (MP3)

12 Bible Paper feat. The Alchemist (MP3)

13 The One feat. Action Bronson (MP3)

14 Breeze (MP3)

15 Raw Forever (MP3)

16 Say My Name (MP3)


Email Unlock (Deluxe Edition)

17 Mightier Pen (MP3)

18 Murder Goes Down (MP3)

19 Infamous Allegiance (MP3)

20 Gnarly(MP3)