BOSCO and Speakerfoxxx Share Girls In The Yard Mixtape

“A call to action empowering women globally to rise up in a male dominated industry.”


Lifelong friends BOSCO and Speakerfoxxx have trailblazed the new ATL sound; taking dance and hip hop influences, and adding eccentricity, honesty, and raw energy. On their own, they’re some of the best girls in the game. And together, they’re a force of nature. So it goes without saying that their new mixtape, Girls In The Yard (Fool’s Gold), is a force to be reckoned with. With Speakerfoxxx providing a keen DJ’s ear for curation and production, BOSCO lets loose on the mic like never before, taking her love of classic 90s house, hip hop, and R&B to a futuristic new level.

For the artists, Girls In The Yard is about “a sense of freedom”, kicking back, turning up. But it’s also about the power of collaboration, and creating the opportunities that don’t always exist for women in creative industries.

Girls in the Yard is a call-to-action empowering women globally to rise above in a male dominant industry, and to encourage other women to support one another in their respective creative fields. There’s room for everyone and once we grasp the concept of that, we will see significant changes in the industry. Not to say that it’s not happening now, but if I can use my voice to reinforce it, I will.

It’s only April, but it’s safe to say that we’ll have Girls In The Yard on repeat all summer. Listen up.


BOSCO & Speakerfoxxx: Girls In The Yard


01 Girls In The Yard Intro / Revolution (Speakerfoxxx Rework)

02 Run Around (Hey! Booty On The Floor) [Speakerfoxxx Rework]

03 Acting Up [Prod. by Brenmar]

04 Shooter [Prod. by Mr. 2-17]

05 MYNE (Soft Glas Rework) [Prod. by Treasure Fingers]

06 PLYGRD (Julia Lewis Remix) [Prod. by REO]

07 Beemer [Prod. by Mr. 2-17]

08 9mm

09 Hot Boyz (REO Rework) / Tweet (Speakerfoxxx Rework) [Prod. by REO]