Staff Picks: The Human Experience share The Essential Human Experience

The LA-based electronic composer shares his entire discography with fans for an email.

David Block, aka The Human Experience, says, “ We don’t play music, music plays us,” and by the sound and effortless flow of his material, he may be right. Intimate vocals, vibrant soundscapes, and smooth beats pour out of Block, all spiked with a hint of world music flavors that reveal years of touring the globe, picking up the sonic nuances of different cultures.

Regarding his most recent material, Block states, “These songs are stories about life, love, nature, god, and just about….well….The Human Experience.”

Now, through BitTorrent Bundle, Block is releasing The Essential Human Experience, containing a selection of music he personally curated to offer a sampling of his vast and diverse catalogue for instant download. For an email, get the entire discography of albums, EP's, and mixes.


The Human Experience: The Essential Human Experience


Instant Download / Stream


01 Back Swing (Audio)

02 Sunu (Audio)

03 Carnival (Audio)

04 Alicia’s Diamonds (Audio)

05 Aint Givin’ Up on Love (Audio)

06 Moving Between Worlds (Audio)

07 Body Language - feat. David Appelbaum (Audio)

08 Beads on the Wind - Instrumental - feat. Theo Brama (Audio)

09 Trinity (Audio)

10 Kyrstyn Pixton (Audio)

11 DreamAwake (Audio)

12 When I Grow Up - feat. Amae Love (Audio)

13 Raw Sugar (Valentines Day Mix) (Audio)

14 From the Outside Looking in (Audio)

15 Passion (Audio)

16 Medicina (Audio)

17 Pickin’ on Series (Audio)

18 La Calaca (Audio)

19 Chan Chan feat. Ignacio Perez Borrell & Igor Rakuz-Izik (Audio)

20 Dusted Compass - feat. Lila Rose (Audio)

21 Entheos Regenerated (Audio)

22 Kapu (Audio)

23 Lion Heart (Audio)

24 Ot Du Shi (Whitebear’s Shadow Mix) (Audio)

25 Robert & Martina (MiHKAL REMiXXX) (Audio)


Email Unlock


01 Earth Harp Sessions Vol. 1 (EP)

02 Inaudible Sounds (Album)

03 Harmonic Transformation (Album)

04 From the Outside Looking in (w/ Quixotic) (EP)

05 The Art of the Way (EP)

06 Embraced (Album)

07 Gone Gone Beyond (EP)

08 Raw Sugar (Valentines Day Mix)

09 I Am (2015 Mix)

10 Into Your Wild (Single)

11 Dusted Compass (Instrumental)

12 Seeing is Believing (EP)

13 Soul Visions (w/ Rising Appalachia) (EP)

14 When Worlds Collide (w/ Knowa Lusion) (EP)

15 The Human Experience Remixes Vol. 1