Pr0files Share Jurassic Technologie Bundle and Luxury Stems

Songs about sex addiction, hypnotherapy, and love; AKA, just your average day in Los Angeles.

As Pr0files, Lauren Pardini and Danny Sternbaum evoke LA in all its glimmering, weird glory. Their February debut, Jurassic Technologie, was totally addictive; depression and disco in equal measure.


Today, we’re partnering with Pr0files to share an exclusive Bundle for Jurassic Technologie, including three free tracks and stems from “Luxury”.  Download the Bundle, press play, and remix your own version of “Luxury” (which you can share with the band here).


Pr0files: Jurassic Technologie Bundle


Instant Download / Stream

01 Call Yourself a Lover (MP3)


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01 Call Yourself a Lover (MP3)

02 Luxury - Demo (MP3)

03 Luxury (MP3)

04 Luxury Stems (WAV)