First Listen: Brillz Premieres 7 New Remixes in Geekin Remix Bundle

Looking for more Twonk? Look no further.

Brillz’ 2015 Geekin EP was a heavy, high-octane dose of trap bangers. And if by some miracle your speakers survived, well: the producer’s come back to finish them off. Today, Brillz is premiering 7 new Geekin remixes, featuring new takes from Halfway House, Dabow, Trollphace, JayKode, Lil Texas, Drunken Masters, and Ray Volpe. Download the Bundle to unlock the full remix collection. With love and apologies to your sound system.



Brillz: Geekin EP Remix Bundle


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02 Buck (feat. Gangsta Boo) [Trollphace Remix]


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01 Hawt (Halfway House Remix)

03 Buck (feat. Gangsta Boo) [Drunken Masters Remix]

04 Buck (feat. Gangsta Boo) [Lil Texas Remix]

05 WTPA (feat. Ms Williams) [JayKode Remix]

06 WTPA (feat. Ms Williams) [Ray Volpe Remix]

07 WTPA (feat. Ms Williams) [Dabow Remix]