Staff Picks: Big Gigantic Share A Very Big Gigantic Discography Bundle

The Boulder, Colorado Livetronic duo premiere exclusive Red Rocks concert video and give back to fans with a complete discography download.

Big Gigantic, Boulder Colorado’s homegrown livetronic duo, has been infusing live sax and drums with electronic textures, elaborate staging, and hypnotic light shows since inception in 2009. Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken met years ago in a jam session and continue to be inspired by the same open-minded, collaborative process that brought them together.


Mixing electronic/EDM with hints of jazz and hip hop has helped lead Big Gigantic to create their genre defying style that so many fans around the globe obsessively crave. Now they've teamed up with us to share their complete discography, including all album tracks, other originals, mixtapes, remixes and exclusive video content. Listen up.

We caught up with the guys to talk about their killer live sets, the rise of organic electronic, and what’s on deck for 2016.


Q. You guys are known for live performances that mesh organic instrumentation with electronic elements and programing. How did you begin to develop this sound? What influences and inspires you?

A: Our influences range from jazz and classical, to funk and jam music, to dance and electronic. I feel like all of those things have led us to where we are today with Big G. I think not aiming for one particular style or genre has kept our sound ours.

Q: It seems like more and more electronic and hip hop artists are embracing live instrumentation and the jam ethos. How do you see the scene changing?

A: When the computer boom first hit, it was like people forgot what instruments were. It was a crazy thing to witness. I think that’s how it is with something new. People become obsessed with it, then things mellow out, and they remember: “Oh yeah, there are other ways to make music.”

It’s awesome to see things come back around; to see kids appreciate people playing live instruments. We’re at a place where electronic and instrumentation are coexisting; where computers are now essentially just another instrument. It’s awesome to see how people are using digital with live instruments; with the production of music in general. The sky’s the limit.

Q: You have a massive, dedicated grassroots following. What's been your approach to building your fan base?

A: Our fanbase is something we have a lot of pride in and also feel so lucky to have them. We seriously have the best fans in the world!! Since the beginning, we've been about having fun  and doing what we love. I think that vibe spreads out to the community.

We got started organically: just telling our friends about what we were doing. They would tell their friends, and so on, and so forth. Somehow, it grew to where we are now. It really feels like a community, and we’re so proud of that. It’s not a race to see who can be the biggest or anything. It’s more like: this is our family, and we stand with each other, and we push ourselves to be better people every day. We try to keep up as little of a barrier as possible. We’re in this together.

Q: In the last few years, you've expanded your live shows beyond the US. What's stood out to you from playing to overseas audiences? How do you see crowds responding?

A: Man, we've had some amazing shows around the world the past few years. What's crazy going overseas is that even though there might be a language barrier, the one thing we have in common is music. We all feel it and appreciate it. It’s awesome to see music out there as this universal language. Crowds get down so hard all around the world!

We had a show at Lollapalooza in São Paulo Brazil that was seriously legendary. We'd never played there before. We don’t speak any Portuguese. But these kids got what we were doing, and were loving every minute of it. Can’t wait to get back to South America!

Q: What are you working on in 2016? What are you guys most looking forward to in the new year?

A: We're working on a new album that should be dropping sometime in the spring. We're super excited about that, and that's been the majority of our focus the last 6 months or so.

We have a spring tour coming up that we'll announce soon, followed by a bunch of festivals this summer then Rowdytown 5 at Red Rocks in September then a fall tour! I think what we’re most looking forward to is playing all this new music for people. There's a ton of new stuff and people are gonna lose their shit when they hear it! Haha!


Big Gigantic: A Big Gigantic Bundle


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Get On Up (MP3)

Good Times Roll - Griz x Big Gigantic (MP3)

Snails - Funk With Me (Ft. Big Gigantic) (MP3)

Seinabo Sey - Hard Time (Big Gigantic Remix) (MP3)

The Night is Young (Album)

Nocturnal (Album)

A Place Behind the Moon (Album)


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Rowdytown Red Rocks Night 2 (Video & HD Video link)

Rowdytown Red Rocks Night 2 (Set List)

Wide Awake (Album)

Fire It Up (Album)

A Place Behind the Moon (Album)

Nocturnal (Album)

The Night is Young (Album)

Get On Up (MP3)

Love Letters (Ft. Sabina Sciubba) (MP3)

The World is Yours - Big Gigantic (MP3)

Colorado Mountain High - Big Gigantic (MP3)

I’ll Be Pushin On - Zac Samuel (Carnage & Big Gigantic Edit) (MP3)

Good Times Roll - Griz x Big Gigantic (MP3)

Power (Big Gigantic x Griz) (MP3)

Beautiful Now - Zedd Feat. Jon Bellion (Big Gigantic Remix) (MP3)

Funk With Me (ft. Big Gigantic) - Snails (MP3)

Funk With Me (ft. Big Gigantic) (VIP) - Snails (MP3)

Black And Yellow - WIz Khalifa (Remix) (MP3)

Opposite Of Adults (KIDS) - Chiddy Bang (Remix) (MP3)

Can I Get A.. - Jay Z (Remix) (MP3)

Notorious Thugs - The Notorious B.I.G. (Remix) (MP3)

Faded- Zhu (Remix) (MP3)

We Are The Sun - Savoy x Heather Bright (Remix) (MP3)

Can’t Hold Us - Macklemore_Ryan Lewis Ft. Ray Dalton (Remix) (MP3)

Hard Time - Seinabo Sey (Remix) (MP3)

Get Em High - Kanye West (Remix) (WAV)

Do I See Color - Adventure Club (Remix) (MP3)

I Need A Dollar - Aloe Blacc (Remix) (MP3)

Winter Chill (Mix)

Summer Vibes (Mix)

Diplo and Friends (Mix)