Bundle Staff Picks: July 2015 Edition

From Mr. Carmack to MT. OSSA: 30 days in 10 downloads.

Mr. Carmack: Red EP

In the world of West Coast future trap, there’s pre-Carmack, and there’s post-Carmack. The experimental producer has pioneered a raw, otherworldly sound from heavy distortion and hip hop; choosing unconventional song structure and self-distribution over electronic’s mainstream. In June, Carmack announced the Red EP, dropping 4 new tracks to tide us over.  The EP's out now on BitTorrent Bundle

Gravitas Ventures: Advantageous

Advantageous unfolds in an American city a hundred years away. It feels eerily familiar. Gwen Koh is a single mother working as a spokesperson for the Center for Advanced Health and Living. (Spoiler: definitely not as benign as it sounds.) In danger of losing her job, and her ability to support her daughter, Gwen trials a dangerous, untested Center procedure to continue her career. Advantageous intelligently investigates present-day society’s perspectives on femininity and motherhood and how they intersect with questions of beauty, surveillance and the economy.


Trap shit is dead. JK. Long live trap shit. Grab the enigmatic producer’s new Frontier EP, 45 tracks, and the opportunity to collaborate on a new release. All in here.

Martin Gore: MGxMG

April’s MG (Mute) marked the first solo, instrumental album from Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore. Described by Pitchfork as “a careful sculpting of electricity and air”, the album creates an absorbing, emotional sonic landscape; a filmic meditation on ambient mood. Now, the album is open to fans to reshape and remix. Download the Bundle to record your own take on MG’s “Featherlight”.

MT OSSA: Homework Machine

New music from the SoCal psych experimentalists, plus the band’s debut EP, Homework Machine.

Torsten Hoffmann: Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It

The new indie documentary examines the rise of cryptocurrency and the p2p revolution rocking the financial industry.

Huoratron: Corpus

A chronological, multimedia portrait of the producer as a young man, featuring music, videos, remixes, art, and more.  

Structure Films: Bill Nye Documentary Preview

Bill Nye was The Science Guy for a whole generation of kids: a bow tie-wearing, real life super-hero, the dude who made us want to grow up to be scientists, engineers, and endlessly curious humans. As Nye travels around the world to advocate for science, filmmakers David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg reveal the man behind the bow tie, and the impact of education on culture and social justice. Download the Bundle for an exclusive first look at the project, including two exclusive scenes. You can support the film on Kickstarter here.

The Polish Ambassador: Pushing Through The Pavement Remixes

Last summer, electronic producer, environmental activist, and community organizer The Polish Ambassador dropped Pushing Through The Pavement on BitTorrent Bundle.  The interstellar digital archive featured the producer's entire catalog, videos, photos, and his brand new album showcasing TPA's electro-infused, world music influenced, high energy brand of dance music.  In July, the producer came back to Bundle with the Pushing Through The Pavement Remix album, featuring  tracks from world-renowned DJ's and remix contest winners alike.

Muck Fogley: M1

The photographer’s 75-image collection traces life on the road and inside the studio, featuring rare, never-before-seen images of Sizzla, Chronixx, Statik Seletah, Joey Badass, Yaadcore, Dre Island, Flatbush Zombies, Pro Era, and more. It’s a gritty, intimate look at the creative process; an exploration of the way we visualize our listening experiences. Check it.