Staff Picks: Young Gully | BERMUDA DISC 1

Deep inside the Bermuda Triangle with the Bay Area hip hop artist.

Young Gully has emerged as one of Oakland’s strongest voices: a lyricist who records the city and the sound he came up in, an artist whose sonic curiosity and inventiveness keep us tuned in. Gully’s BERMUDA series looks to be his most ambitious project yet: a 33-track, triple disc album exploring struggle, spirtuality, and balance. BERMUDA DISC 1 is out now on BitTorrent Bundle. Listen up.

The Bundle includes the first 11-track installment of the series, 2 EPs, plus an exclusive first look at the DISC 2.



Instant Download

01 What Now (Audio)

02 Come On Down (Audio)

03 Ain't Surprised (Audio)

04 Lil Nigga ft. Lil Chris (Audio)

05 Show You Love (Audio)

06 Beautiful ft. Lia Sabella (Audio)

07 God (Audio)

08 Dreamin' / Tattoo ft. Tay Off The Top (Audio)

09 I Need You (Audio)

10 Temptation (Audio)

11 Understand (Audio)

$3.00 Unlock

01 Sneak Preview - BERMUDA DISC 2: Passing Me By (Audio)

02 Sneak Preview - BERMUDA DISC 2: Be Myself (Audio)

03 If I Don't Make It (Audio)

04 Flight 19 ft. Champ Green (Audio)

05 I'm Looking (Audio)

06 We'll Never Die ft. Tay Off The Top (Audio)

07 Never Change ft. YH (Audio)

08 I Know (Audio)

09 Move Like This (Audio)

10 Drop (Audio)

11 Hesitating (Audio)

12 Ain't The Same No More (Audio)


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