A Silent Film Release Secret Rooms Bootlegs

The UK-based alt band shares intimate sets from 2015’s sold-out tour.

A Silent Film’s lush, super-cinematic sound is decidedly crushworthy, and deservedly acclaimed. 2015’s New Year EP was the duo’s long-awaited follow up to their Sand & Snow LP. To share the new music, they brought it on the road; to secret rooms across the US. Venues, announced only days in advance, included an abandoned warehouse, a historic recording space, and an old silent movie production studio.

The Secret Rooms tour was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for fans. oday, everyone's invited in. The Secret Rooms Bundle features a collection of five bootlegs, live videos, curated photos, and more. Listen up.


A Silent Film: Secret Rooms Bootleg Bundle

Instant Download

Dancing in the Dark (New York) [Video]

Harbour Lights (Charlotte) [Audio]

Curated Photoset [Art]


Email Unlock

Fourth of July (Philadelphia) [Video]

Hyperballad (Boston) [Audio]

Message in the Sand (Los Angeles) [Audio]

Pictures of You (Dallas) [Audio]

Curated Photoset [Art]

Wallpaper [Art]

Behind-the-Scenes: Poster & Style Guide [Art]

Behind-the-Scenes: Poster Mock [Art]

Behind-the-Scenes: Set List (Charlotte) [Art]

Behind-the-Scenes: Stage Plot [Art]

...And a Secret...