Staff Picks: Michal Menert Drops Exclusive Big Band Live Album

Grab the Space Jazz Bundle from the CO electronic producer to unlock exclusive live Big Band album, unreleased single with video, his latest album Space Jazz, and a Super Best Records four-album sampler pack.

You never know what to expect from musical alchemist MIchal Menert.  The Colorado producer has routinely impressed listeners from release to release, continuously pushing the fold, fusing an array of genres into an electronic sound that is all his own.  His latest album, Space Jazz follows suit, as the producer weaves seamlessly between classic funk and soul breaks and heavy bass infused world rhythms.  Last month, Menert brought Space Jazz to the stage for the first time, enlisting a seventeen-piece band for the album's Red Rocks Amphitheatre debut.  We have your first listen of Michal Menert's Big Band today.

Unlock the Space Jazz Bundle today to nab the first live tracks ever released from Michal Menert’s seventeen-piece, genre defying Big Band orchestra, recorded live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.  Also included with the Live From Red Rocks album: an exclusive music video for “Going Up (with Mux Mool)”, the full Space Jazz album, and a 4-album sampler from Menert's own Super Best Records featuring the latest releases from Mux Mool, Late Night Radio, JK Soul and Krooked Drivers.  Download the Bundle here.



Michael Menert: Space Jazz Bundle

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3 Singles from Space Jazz [Audio]

Divvy Up Single from Live at Red Rocks [Audio]

Space Jazz Cover Art [Artwork]

Live From Red Rocks Cover Art [Artwork]

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Michal Menert - Space Jazz Full Album [Audio]

Michal Menert Big Band - Live From Red Rocks Full Album [Audio]

Going Up Official Music Video [Video]

Mux Mool - Appetite for Production [Audio]

Late Night Radio - Polaroid [Audio]

Krooked Drivers - Still Life [Audio]

JK Soul - When There Is No Sun [Audio]