Hundred Waters Share FORM:ARCOSANTI 2015 Festival Mixtape

FORM comes to Arizona May 22. Your first listen is here.

Arcosanti rises up out of the Arizona desert like a mirage; an alien city in the alien landscape of the desert west. It’s an “urban laboratory?” (the question mark is street-sign official) dedicated to the preservation of Place: architecture, ecology, and meaning. And it’s something like home to Hundred Waters, who stumbled upon the community after weeks on the road, on the day they completed their first album, The Moon Rang Like A Bell.


To mark the release of Moon, Hundred Waters & Family organized FORM, a three-day music and arts festival at Arcosanti. On May 22, FORM will return to the desert, with performances by Hundred Waters, The Antlers, How To Dress Well, Majical Cloudz, Holly Herndon, Julianna Barwick, Machinedrum, Jacques Greene, Mutual Benefit, Pharmakon, Mas Ysa and more (as well as a Moog Sound Lab!).

Just as Arcosanti was designed to explore how man can live in harmony with the natural world, FORM reconsiders the festival experience by focusing on place, environment and interaction. It’s a sanctuary for inspiration - a time and place to coalesce, share and experience things. It’s intimate but its effect could extend endlessly. It’s honest, it’s beautiful and it’s a really fucking good time."

Zach Tetreault, Hundred Waters

In this 2015 FORM: Arcosanti compilation, you get 27 tracks, lovingly curated by Hundred Waters. (Bonus: new music from M Geddes Gengras, a live take from How to Dress Well, piano versions from Majical Cloudz and Mitski, a B-side from Holly Herndon, an unreleased acoustic demo from Nicole Miglis, and more...)

Hundred Waters: FORM:ARCOSANTI 2015

01 Hundred Waters: Cavity

02 Mas Ysa: Look Up

03 How To Dress Well: Pour Cyril (Live with Orchestra)

04 The Antlers: Parade

05 Majical Cloudz: Savage

06 Holly Herndon: Solo Voice (Chorus-B-Side)

07 Julianna Barwick: The Harbinger

08 Last Lizard: Detroit (BitTorrent Exclusive)

09 Bing & Ruth: The Towns We Love is Our Town

10 Julie Byrne: Sleepwalker

11 Mitski: Square (Live Solo Piano)

12 Mutual Benefit: Wishing

13 Moses Sumney: Man on the Moon

14 Jacques Greene: 1 4 Me

15 Machinedrum: Gunshotta

16 The Range: Seneca

17 Tokimonsta: Hundred Waters - Thistle (TokiMonsta Remix)

18 Kodak To Graph: Los Angeles

19 Durante: Full Moon

20 Gentle Pony: The Special Song

21 M Geddes Gengras: Nervous Tic (BitTorrent Exclusive)

22 Himself - Don’t Be Scared


23 Hundred Waters: Never Blame (Unreleased)

24 Hundred Waters: Cavity (Shigeto Remix)

25 Hundred Waters: Show Me Love (Nicole Miglis Acoustic)

26 Hundred Waters: Seven White Horses (Trayer Remix)

27 Hundred Waters: No Sound (Paul & Zach's Waltz)

More about FORM:Arcosanti here.

Download / stream FORM:Arcosanti 2014 here.