Staff Picks: Remix Jamie Lidell’s “Believe in Me”

The soul experimentalist shares the stems for his new track with producers and fans.

Jamie Lidell’s work spans kinetic funk and deconstructed R&B; an always electric and often raw sonic trip. In March, Lidell released “Believe In Me”, his second new track since 2013’s self-titled LP. “It’s an honest admission of self-doubt,” said Lidell. “I even feel vulnerable releasing this song, which is why I know it’s important.” Aching and atmospheric, “Believe In Me” is one of the artist’s most personal works. Today, it belongs to fans.

Download the “Believe In Me” Bundle to unlock and remix the track. Enter your email to grab the Ableton, Logic, and Protools sessions, as well as each session file and stem. And build your own version of “Believe In Me”.

Jamie Lidell: Remix “Believe In Me”

01 “Believe In Me” Cover Art

02 “Believe in Me” ABLETON Session

03 “Believe in Me” LOGIC Session

04 “Believe in Me” PROTOOLS Session

05 Instructions

06 Session Files

Believe In Me_Mix2_Stems_808.wav

Believe In Me_Mix2_Stems_Bells.wav

Believe In Me_Mix2_Stems_BGVaca.wav

Believe In Me_Mix2_Stems_DirtyBass.wav

Believe In Me_Mix2_Stems_HiDrums.wav

Believe In Me_Mix2_Stems_Kick.wav

Believe In Me_Mix2_Stems_LeadAca.wav

Believe In Me_Mix2_Stems_LVdry.wav

Believe In Me_Mix2_Stems_LVfx.wav

Believe In Me_Mix2_Stems_Strings.wav

Believe In Me_Mix2_Stems_Synths.wav

Believe In Me_Mix2_Stems_xtraLVdry.wav

Believe In Me_Mix3b_Stems_Keys.wav

Believe In Me_Mix3b_Stems_Piano.wav