Staff Picks: Griz "Say It Loud"

"'Say It Loud' is the funkiest, most soulful and fun album I've ever made.  This music is for all of us.  It's meant to be experienced, danced to, sang along with, felt.  That's what it's all about."  - GRiZ

Since the release of his last album Rebel Era in 2013, Detroit producer/multi-instrumentalist GRiZ has taken his seat amongst the top artists of electronic music, igniting festivals and clubs around the world with his sax-infused high-powered electro funk.  Featuring guest appearances from Talib Kweli, The Floozies, Ivan Neville, Say It Loud, the new album from GRiZ  is available today via GRiZ's own All Good Records and BitTorrent Bundle.  Pay what you want to unlock the ten-track record, plus an exclusive bonus track and a special offer from GRiZ and the All Good Records family for his Say It Louder World Tour.  Turn it up.  Say It Loud.

GRiZ - Say It loud

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03 Bonus Track: "Take It High ft. Ivan Neville" (Audio)

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