Azizi Gibson Drops “The Last” EP via BitTorrent Bundle

The Los Angeles hip hop artist on the rise offers fans a brand new 6-track EP.

Last week, we featured the Backwards Books Bundle from underground emcee and frequent Brainfeeder Records collaborator Azizi Gibson. A few days later, Gibson is back with his first self-released EP The Last. The six-track EP features Gibson’s artful flow riding smoothly over jazz sample-laced sub-heavy production from Kamandi, Mori and Scoop Deville.

Download the “The Last” Bundle to get two singles from the record. Looking for the rest of the EP? Enter your email to subscribe and unlock the rest of six-track EP.

The Last: Instant Download

01 Claustrophobic (prod. by Kamandi) [Music]
02 Bad Habit’s (prod. by Kamandi) [Music]
03 “The Last” Cover Art [Artwork]

The Last: Email Download

04 Loafing (prod. by Mori) [Music]
05 Look Around (prod. by Kamandi) [Music]
06 The Irony  (prod. by Scoop Deville) [Music]
07 Misguided (prod. by Kamandi) [Music]