Staff Picks: Harriet Shares How to Make Music Bundle

The LA-based band shares an intimate look at their first full-length album, featuring unreleased tracks, demos, videos, and art.

Harriet’s songs cut through you: indie pop lyricism that won’t let you off the hook. (The first video from their upcoming record is choose-your-own adventure, American Psycho-style.) American Appetite, the band’s first full length album, is out January 29th via Harvest Records. It was three years in the making.

This bundle is really about the process of making a record. A first record more specifically. It took us more than 3 years from start to finish, so in a lot of ways we grew up during the process. Inevitably we moved past songs we had loved, album covers and titles we had thought were perfect, completely rearranged songs and song forms as we became better songwriters. This bundle let’s you see all the checkpoints along the way. It’s a really thorough document of our creative process.
— Alex Casnoff, Harriet

In How to Make Music, Harriet takes us inside their creative process; shedding light on the journey to American Appetite through demos, videos, cut songs, and the evolution the project’s tile, art, and tracklisting. This is the true story of a band on the cusp of breaking through. Listen up.


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Harriet: How To Make Music


Instant Download / Stream

00 Heavy Petting - Unreleased Track (Audio)

00 How to Make a Record (Bundle Guide)


Email Unlock (.zip Contents)

00 Richer (Studio Video)

00 Heavy Petting - Unreleased Track (Audio)

00 How to Make a Record (Bundle Guide)

00 Richer (Studio Video)

01 How to Make Music (Bundle Guide)

  • How to Make a Record

02 Cut Tracks (Audio)

  • Heavy Petting

  • Bad Touch

  • I Get Scared

03 Demos, Voice Memos, and Experiments (Audio)

  • American Appetite V Early Demo

  • Momento Mori Early Demo

  • Early Irish Demo

  • Bent Over Backwards

  • No Way Out Early Voice Note

  • The Future

04 Rejected Album Covers (Art)

  • It’s Totally Cool I Wouldn’t Even Worry About It

  • American Appetite Rejects

  • Final Cover

05 Photos (Art)

  • Just Us

  • Ten Steps

  • Studio

  • Live

06 Gifs and Videos

  • Faces (Gif)

  • Ten Steps Dance (Gif)

  • Pissing (Gif)

  • Making of the Lime (Video)

  • Henry Beat (Video)

  • Pat Slide (Video)

  • Up Against It Sample (Video)

  • Richer (Video)

07 American Appetite Lyrics (Text)