Friday Download: Shmu | SHHH!!!!

Shoegaze epics on the sophomore release from Samuel Chown’s Shmu, as well as a Shmu computer game made by Lionel Williams of Vinyl Williams

Shmu is part band, part surrealist music lab. And in the project’s second LP, SHHH!!!!, things get weird. Samuel Chown explores post-punk, electronic glitch, shoegaze, and psychedelia; putting together and knocking down entire genres in single tracks. It’s effervescent, distorted, and exactly the type of technicolor dream you need to take you these last hours of Friday. Listen up.

The Bundle also includes Shhh!!!! The Game: an infinite soundtrack. Inside the interactive space, each room encompasses a track. Explore through until the last track.

Shmu: SHHH!!!!


00 SHHH!!!!: The Game


01 Cut n Paste

02 Pictionary

03 Shoestrings

04 I’ve Got Nothing to Show

05 156

06 Warrior

07 Flutes

08 Diamonds

09 Come Into My Arms

10 Dirty Sanchez

11 Sensory Glitch

12 Turpentine (Reprise)

13 Harmonic



Play the Shmu Computer Game



  • Unzip the game downloaded  in your Bundle, or go to to
  • Allow access through security & privacy preferences, and then click open anyway
  • Make sure your security prefs are unlocked
  • Play
  • Shift to go fast, arrows to motion where to go, mouse to move, click or space bar to jump