Staff Picks: Azealia Banks

The rapper shares the story behind "Chasing Time" in a new video premiere, and invites fans to reimagine the original track.

Last week, we launched a project with Azealia Banks. A way for for fans to open source Broke With Expensive Taste: an album that was three long (and well-fought) years in the making. Since Monday, nearly 17 thousand fans have downloaded the BitTorrent Bundle for "Chasing Time". 1,214 have joined Banks’ Remix Lab, on Soundcloud. And to date, more than 272 remixes have been posted.

"Chasing Time" almost didn’t make it on to Broke. Banks turned in the original album without the track. Then, it was a search for something bigger: in her words, “something now”. It was about demonstrating that “I can do anything.” So can you. Listen to AB break down the story behind "Chasing Time", below. Grab the stems. And make "Chasing Time" your own.

The top track, as chosen by Banks, is up for $10,000. The deadline for submissions is up on December 16th. Start remixing today.