Diplo Brings F10rida to BitTorrent Bundle

The artist’s first album is the first open Bundle paygate project.

“I was making things I’d never heard before, things I could just imagine.” Diplo began work on his first album ten years ago, between Philadelphia and Florida, between jobs, after hours, on the bus, and inside his head. Florida, released in 2004 on Big Dada, is Southern lit through the lens of trip-hop. It would become his calling card: both profile and portent.

A decade after Florida, Diplo has reshaped the music industry in his image; helping to build a world where baile is part of the Billboard charts; where everyone’s invited to crate-dig. The philosophy behind Florida holds. “If it doesn’t exist yet, we want to help it be out there.” For the artist, this applies as much to music as it does to distribution.

To celebrate the album’s 10-year anniversary, Diplo and Big Dada are bringing theF10rida digital box set to BitTorrent Bundle. Unlock the unreleased “Big Lost” Eprom remix, “Into the Sun” stems, and curated art for free. Get the original eleven tracks direct from Diplo for $5. This record is where it all started. It’s only the beginning.

Diplo’s first album marks the launch of BitTorrent Bundle paygate applications, now open to all artists. Current publishers can request paygates for their projects by logging into their account, creating a new Bundle, and clicking “Add Paygate”. New publishers can request the feature by signing up here.

Diplo: F10rida

01 “Big Lost” (Eprom Remix) [Audio]
02 Message from Diplo [Art]
03 Florida Cover (Original) [Art]
04 Florida Illustration (by Tim Andrew) [Art]
05 Florida Illustration Wide (by Tim Andrew) [Art]
06 Original Demo Photos 1-6 [Art]
07 Original Emails [Art]
08 “Into the Sun” Stems [Audio]
09 Big Dada Sticker [Art]

$5 Bundle
01 “Florida” [Audio]
02 “Big Lost” [Audio]
03 “Sarah” [Audio]
04 “Into the Sun” [Audio]
05 “Way More” [Audio]
06 “Money Power Respect” [Audio]
07 “Diplo Rhythm” (feat. Sandra Melody, Vybz Cartel, & Pantera Os Danadinhos) [Audio]
08 “Works” [Audio]
09 “Indian Thick Jawns” (feat. P.E.A.C.E.) [Audio]
10 “Summer’s Gonna Hurt You” [Audio]
11 “It’s All Part of a Bigger Plan” [Audio]
12 “Big Lost” (Eprom Remix) AIF [Audio]