BitTorrent Bundle X Foreally

Jude Angelini (Rude Jude of Shade45’s All Out Show) and Ross Rowe (Senim Silla of Binary Star) bring their podcast to BitTorrent.

Ross and Jude are boyhood friends that grew up in Pontiac, Michigan. They may or may not be high school graduates, but for whatever they lack in higher education, they make up for with untried and untrue, highly opinionated personal dogma and philosophy.

Today, they’re bringing that dogma to BitTorrent. The Foreally Show Bundle features 8 original episodes of the podcast, curated photos, an exclusive video, and a first look at Jude's new book, Hyena. Grab the Bundle, and get caught up.

More from Foreally here. Get the full story with Jude’s new book, Hyena, out now on Amazon.