Ryan Blair's Blueprint for Going "From Rock Bottom to Rock Star"

A home enveloped in drug addiction, gangs, juvenile detention centers. Rock bottom. That's where Ryan Blair was. 

An entrepeneur who's sold multiple multi-million companies, a New York Times #1 best-selling author, a teacher. Rock star. That's where Ryan Blair is. 

In his first book Blair told the story of his rise from a chaotically troubled childhood to a mentally and financially free adulthood, and in his brand new book, Rock Bottom to Rock Star, he's turned his focus to helping others transform their lives just as he transformed his. 

With often counter-intuitive advice learned from the school of hard knocks, not business schools disconnected from reality, Blair's blueprint is both aspirational and deeply pragmatic, and now you can get a taste of his guidance through the Rock Bottom to Rock Star BitTorrent bundle featuring the books' first chapter, a bonus chapter deemed too controversial to print by his publisher, his Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain documentary and more. 

Rock Bottom to Rock Star can be purchased physically and digitally through Amazon, along with other retailers, and the bundle is now available for stream and download via BitTorrent Now. Check them out now and start living life like your own rock star.