Sci-Fi Friday: Watch DUST's "Lost Memories 1 & 2"

Every science-fiction film is a time machine, a way for us to not only glimpse what the future might hold, but a vantage point from which to understand out present. 

Welcome to Lost Memories, parts one and two, by French filmmaker Francois Ferracci. As part of DUST's binge-watchable sci-fi film collection bundle, the two interlocked short films take place in a digitally drenched future operated by The Cloud that's instantly recognizable as the essential present.

As the digital world is wiped out by an electromagnetic storm a young couple is separated and a man embarks on a journey to reclaim his lost love even as The Cloud is rebooted more intrusively than ever. Along the way he encounters an android, the city's last pay phone, and most powerfully, himself.

This is the story of how technology isn't just disconnecting us from each other, it's disconnecting us from ourselves. 

Lost Memories is only the first taste of Dust's bundle that also includes three other other short films - Lunar, 9 Minutes and Never Happened - along with behind-the-scenes extras, scripts and more. 

Robots, aliens, space exploration, technology, and human experience are all a part of DUST, so press play and prepare to enter another world hauntingly like our own


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