Preview HITS, Coming to 50 Theaters February 12

As a result of Kickstarter fan support, HITS is coming to theaters in 50 cities across the US starting February 12. Your first look is here. Grab the free preview Bundle to unlock unreleased video, interviews, art, and more.

HITS, written and directed by David Cross, is a dark comedy that explores fame and delusion in 21st century America: one nation, united by upvotes. It’s also the first feature film to be distributed in collaboration with fans. HITS’ Kickstarter campaign for a pay-what-you-want theatrical release met its funding goal in less than three weeks.

Sustainable filmmaking requires more flexibility, creativity, and community around distribution models. The HITS campaign shows the power of direct-to-fan — the ability of a film to go from festival to fifty cities, as a result of direct engagement and collaboration with audiences.
Matt Mason, Chief Content Officer, BitTorrent

The response has been remarkable and we’re excited that fans can pay what they want to see the film in theaters. The Bundle is a layered experience that allows fans to get closer to the film, David Cross and the multiple worlds that live inside HITS.
Giles Andrew, Founder, Honora

Starting February 12th, the film will premiere as a pay-what-you-want feature in 50 cities across the US. Starting February 13th, you’ll be able download the pay-what-you-want digital copy from BitTorrent Bundle for two weeks. What does it take to make a film about the unmaking of culture? We go behind the scenes.

Download the free preview Bundle, and unlock exclusive videos, interviews, art, and more from David Cross. Your first look at HITS is here.

HITS: Preview Bundle

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01 HITS Trailer (Video)
02 Think Tank (Video)
03 City Council Rant I (Video)
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05 How to Pay-What-You-Want (Video)
06 HITS Official Poster (Video)
07 Photo Collection (Art)
08 Gif Collection I (Art)
09 Pay-What-You-Want Screenings Poster (Art)
10 ThinkTank Sticker I (Art)
11 ThinkTank Sticker II (Art)

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01 David Cross Interview (Video)
02 City Council II (Video)
03 Diner (Video)
04 Behind the Scenes Photo Collection (Art)
05 Gif Collection II (Art)