Imba Means Sing Debuts on BitTorrent Bundle, Supporting Education in Africa

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The early 1980s saw Uganda ravaged by civil war. Human rights activist Ray Barnett saw hope in the country’s children. With access to the arts, and with access to education, this generation could take back their future. In 1984, Barnett started the African Children’s Choir to help orphaned youth finance their education through performance.

Today, the African Children’s Choir is an internationally-acclaimed (and GRAMMY Nominated) performance group. More than 1,000 vulnerable youth have graduated through the choir program; funding their education, and helping them build the foundation for leadership -- as lawyers, doctors, teachers, and government officials.

Imba Means Sing is the remarkable story of the African Children’s Choir, told through the experiences of its participants. The documentary follows the choir from the slums of Uganda to the streets of New York, weaving together the lives of three young performers chasing their future.

Today, Imba Means Sing premieres on BitTorrent Bundle. Download the full feature, plus 12 bonus videos, in exchange for an $8 minimum donation. 100% of filmmaker profits will go to the African Children’s Choir, supporting youth education across Africa.  Education is a human right. Support the cause here.

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