Behind the Scenes of Red Army With Director Gabe Polsky

New BitTorrent Bundle explores hockey and politics in Soviet Russia, with archival content and unreleased footage from Red Army, in theaters January 23.

Red Army (Sony Pictures Classics) documents the rise and fall of the Soviet Union and the most successful dynasty in sports history: the Red Army hockey team. Told from the perspective of its captain Slava Fetisov, the story portrays his transformation from national hero to political enemy.


From the USSR to Russia, the film examines how sport mirrors social and cultural movements and parallels the rise and fall of the Red Army team with the Soviet Union. Red Army is an inspiring story about the Cold War played out on the ice rink, and a man who stood up to a powerful system and paved the way for change for generations of Russians.

“Director Gabe Polsky has made a dramatic, entertaining movie about historic heroes on the ice. ‘Red Army’ has the same level of depth and freshness as ‘Inside Job’ and ‘Fog of War’.
Tom Bernard, Co-President, Sony Pictures Classics

Your first look is here. Go behind the scenes of the new documentary with archival photos, original propaganda art, and unreleased footage.

Red Army BitTorrent Bundle

01 Red Army Trailer (Video)
02 Red Army Poster (Art)
03 Red Army Reel (6 Videos)
04 Deleted Scene: Interview with Vladimir Pozner (Video)
05 TIFF Premiere: Gabe Polsky and Wayne Gretzky (Video)
06 TIFF Premiere: Gabe Polsky (Video)
07 TIFF Premiere: Wayne Gretzky (Video)
08 NYFF Q+A: Gabe Polsky and Slava Fetisov (Video)
09 Curated Photo Collection (Art)
10 Original Soviet Propaganda Art (Posters)
11 Slava Fetisov Archive (Photos)