DEMONBABIES’ “You Are All Fucked” Is One Bad Trip You Won’t Forget

BitTorrent has reserved a front row seat for you to the premiere of YOU ARE ALL FUCKED -- a grimy, cotton candy colored trip that will spook you like a dance with the devil.

Enter the twisted nightmare of that creepy uncle your mother warned you about and try not to squirm and unravel as he stares into your soul.  Hypnotized until completely mad, our antihero falls victim to the less-finer things in life.

I have always loved the idea of mixing high-brow art gallery grade video performance art with lowbrow Grindhouse, sleazy big-boxed VHS horror movies of my youth
— director Jesus Rivera

The aesthetic and imagery are unforgettable. Paired with chaotic jazz riffs of howling brass, haunting percussions and an anxious mix of electronic guitar and synthesizers, artists Jesus Rivera and Jonnie Prey (the mad geniuses behind the short) meticulously concoct his unique mood and style that will leave you thinking, simply … WTF?


Premiering exclusively on BitTorrent, “You Are All Fucked” is part one of the Demonbabies twisted trilogy.


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