Hey, how do I use Bundle?

Any way you want. :) There's a different business model for every single piece of content on the web, so Bundle was built to be flexible. Use Bundle to share work in exchange for an email address to build your subscriber base. Or, use Bundle to sell your work directly to fans, at a price you set.  You keep 90% of all sales revenue, and 100% of all your fan data. Sound good?

Okay, let's get started. 

Step 1: Sign up

To get started, you'll first need to sign up for an account. Create your username, add your email address, and enter the name you’d like to publish under. Click “Create My Account”. You’ll get a quick confirmation email asking you to log in. From there, you can start building out your Bundle. Just click “Create A Bundle” on your Bundle landing page. 

Step 2: Name your Bundle

Choose a name for your Bundle. (It’s okay if you change your mind! You can switch out the name any time before publishing.) Then, enter a short description of your Bundle. Let people know a little bit about your story, what’s inside the download and stream, and why it’s awesome. Then, add a few tags to help people discover your Bundle. Click “Advanced Setting” to create a custom url for your Bundle, like http://bundles.bittorrent.com/bundles/this-is-the-best. You can also include social icons by adding your links to the page. 

Step 3: Customize your Bundle page 

Choose a 400x400 cover for your project. The cover can be your album art, your film poster, your logo, or any other image you love. Then, upload your 1400x900 page background: art or photography that represents your work (we recommend without text for legibility).


Step 4: Upload your files and publish!

Upload the files you want fans to stream or download. Make sure each file name is clear and descriptive. Just drag and drop files into the order that works best for you. Then, add your email or paygate. Place sample content before the gate, and premium content after the gate. You’re almost ready to go! Click “Save And Preview” to see how it all looks. 

Then, click “Publish” to bring your Bundle to life. You can also choose a date to launch under “Advanced Settings”. The Bundle will be private until the date you choose. **Allow 24 hours for review and curation to the main page.** Once you're live, you can share your Bundle using the URL, or by clicking the embed icon at the top of your Bundle page.

Questions, support, and feature ideas? We're here to help. Hit us up: content-contact@bittorrent.com